AIGR sample diamond ring appraisal with precious metal and gemstone details.

Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal identifies and evaluates a piece of jewelry, including a monetary valuation, whether for insurance, estate, or other financial or legal purposes. Jewelry appraisals need to be updated from time to time.

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AIGR sample colored gemstone grading report with green tourmaline detail.

Gem Grading Reports

Gemstone grading reports identify and grade a stone and include a plot of the stone’s natural characteristics, but there is no monetary valuation given. As a result, a grading report never expires. 

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Gemstone and watch resource books for research and continuing professional development.

Expert Consulting

AIGR graduate gemologists have decades of experience examining a variety of gems and jewelry. Therefore, we can help you classify your jewelry for estate distribution or give expert testimony in legal cases.

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Welcome to AIGR

The American Institute of Gemological Research (AIGR), Inc., is an independent gem lab serving the Denver metropolitan area and Colorado front range. Our experienced appraisers will evaluate your jewelry in our laboratory and provide printed appraisals. As a result of our professional efforts, we guarantee that qualifications of our GIA Graduate Gemologists will be accepted by your insurance company.

AIGR’s gemologists have provided jewelry appraisals in Denver for over twenty-five years. This experience on top of our education makes us experts in the field of gemology with in-depth knowledge of jewelry manufacturing and pricing. Therefore, we can provide you with peace of mind about your jewelry and gemstones and can document their value.

We are here to help. AIGR does not buy or sell so that we remain an independent advocate for you. Please call us at (303) 420-2369. We have appointments available Tuesday through Friday.

Logos for American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser and National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

United States map showing over forty states with AIGR clients.
AIGR has served clients from states shown in red.

Reasons for getting a jewelry appraisal

Do you want to know how much your jewelry is worth before you sell it?

Have you bought gems or jewelry online and need expert verification that you bought what was advertised?

Did you inherit jewelry and need to know its value?

Have you purchased an item from an unfamiliar jeweler or pawn shop?

Are you a jeweler who needs certificates for your gemstones?

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