AGS has designated AIGR as an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser firm. Our GIA graduate gemologists offer their services on an hourly basis. This includes assistance with estate jewelry distribution, gemstone sorting and identification, and expert testimony in various court settings.

We have had many clients who do not need full appraisals on all of the jewelry that is part of an estate. We have helped them divide the jewelry evenly by approximate value among the heirs.

If documentation is not needed, we can identify gemstones on a time basis. This can be especially helpful for someone with a large collection.

Warren Pressler has appeared as an expert witness in the Santa Barbara Municipal Court System in California. More recently he was engaged by the FBI for a case for the US Attorney, where his testimony contributed to the defendant being found guilty of murdering his wife.  In 2012 Mr. Pressler was retained for a divorce case that was settled out of court.  In 2011 in another Colorado case, documentation prepared by A.I.G.R. under the direction of Warren Pressler helped decide the case in the favor of his clients.  In 2010 Mr. Pressler was hired to testify at Jefferson County Small Claims Court. The judge stated that the most compelling evidence was Mr. Pressler’s testimony.

Our fees start at $90 per half hour of $180 per hour; the fees for expert witness testimony may be higher. Please call us at (303) 420-2369 for more information or to make an appointment.