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What is AIGR and when was it founded?

AIGR was founded in February of 1979 as an independent gemological laboratory devoted solely to jewelry appraisals, gemological research, and monetary evaluation of gems and fine jewelry. All evaluations are backed by a micro-chemical analysis and state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Why go to an independent gemological laboratory like AIGR?

When dealing with jewelry and gemstones in today’s fast-changing market, you need an unbiased opinion. AIGR does not buy or sell jewelry or gemstones; our job is to protect you. Through the use of complex and highly sophisticated instrumentation in the hands of seasoned professionals, you will have the essentials for an intelligent decision. We keep your appraisals in our database so that you can update them every three years for a nominal fee.

What services does AIGR provide?

AIGR performs gem identification, micro-chemical analysis, grading and classifying of gemstones, and micrography among other specific services. Printed reports include jewelry appraisals and gemstone grading reports. We also provide expert consultation.

What is a jewelry appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal identifies and evaluates a piece of jewelry, including a monetary valuation. An appraisal should be updated about every three years to current market values. Proper appraisals display a magnified color photograph with a detailed legal description and proper identification of each of the gems with their color, clarity, shape, cut grade, and measurements, as well as the gram weight and construction of the item, gold content, etc.

Why get a jewelry appraisal?

Every 90 seconds a burglary or robbery occurs somewhere in the United States. Many insurance companies will not insure your jewelry without current appraisals (generally less than six months old.) You are responsible for providing documentation of the value of your jewelry (appraisals) to your insurance company. If you lose your jewelry today and file a claim tomorrow, can you tell the claims adjuster exactly what you had? Many people falsely rely on a sales receipt or simple three-line appraisal written by the salesperson, only to realize that the insurance company is going to replace the item not automatically write a check for a given dollar amount.

What is a diamond or gemstone grading report?

Gemstone grading reports (sometimes called “certificates”) identify and grade a stone and may include a plot of the stone’s natural characteristics, but there is no monetary valuation given. A grading report never expires. Our diamond and colored gemstone grading reports identify the stone and grade the color, clarity, and cut.